About the Festival


The Clarksville Sunflower Festival is hosted by Mary’s Land Farm.


Besides walking through an amazing patch of sunflowers, you will be able to:


Eat, drink and be merry from food trucks

Listen to live music from local artists in the pavilion

Shop from unique vendors

See a fully-operating sustainable farm with pasture-raised cows, sheep and ducks, organic chickens, woodland raised pigs, and greenhouses full of healthy vegetables

About the Sunflowers


The sunflower patch is 5 acres with paths cut through it that create walkways.

You will enter the field among the most classic, beautiful sunflowers!

Next you will enter the “Pick-Your-Own Patch” with 12 different varieties of sunflowers! We recommend you just walk through the first time, enjoy them all, then decide which type you would like to bring home. This is the patch where you will cut your own sunflower that comes with the price of admission (or bucket of sunflowers should you decide to buy a bucket) on your way out of the festival.

Next you will walk through “The Giants.” These sunflowers measure from 6’ to 15’ in height.

You will feel like you’re walking through a forest of flowers!

Be on the lookout for “The Surprise!” These are sunflowers, but there is something unique about them – we’re not telling what! You’ll have to come and see for yourself!

IMPORTANT! On your first trip through the patch we recommend that you just admire the beauty and take fun photos. Then go down to the pavilion to enjoy music, food and shopping. Right before you are ready to leave, head back to the patch, get a pair of clippers and a bag of water, and cut your favorite sunflower to bring home! (If you purchase a bucket, you can cut an additional 8-10 sunflowers.) Then you can exit out the far side of the patch and catch the wagon to your car so your sunflower doesn’t get damaged during the festival.